CFA Reindeer Games 2013 is here!!

CFA Reindeer Games 2013

CFA Reindeer Games 2013 is here!!

CFA Reindeer Games 2013 is here!!

With the recent rain we’ve had, it kind of reminds you of winter, doesn’t it? You know what that means!! It’s time for CrossFit Adventure’s 3rd Annual Reindeer Games – featuring the most fun CrossFit athletes in the Bay Area.

Registration is now open!!

Captain or teammate that is registering: It would probably be a good idea to get shirt sizes in advance, and to create a log-in name & password for WOD Rocket, to save you some time: Click me to register with WOD Rocket and create your team.

Direct link to the Event on WOD Rocket: Click me for the event details.

And a link to our Facebook event page: Click me, Click me!!

We will have 56 teams (2 men/ 2 women) with 3 divisions. 28 RX teams (ages 18-39), 20 Scaled teams (ages 18-39) and 8 Masters teams (ages 40 and older). No Regionals qualifiers or Elite athletes will be allowed to compete on a Scaled team. If so, you will be disqualified. There will be 4 WOD’s + 1 that will be announced the day of the competition.  More information about the 4 WOD’s will be released in the coming weeks. Each team will be required to provide a judge and/or volunteer from your affiliate to help our event run smoothly.  If you fail to do so, then you will not be allowed to compete and you will forfeit the $250. Judges will need to know CrossFit Standards when judging please.  We look forward to hosting you all for a fun-filled, holiday spirit, good old fashion CrossFit competition!